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Smart Tailor

  • Why our Smart Tailor?

    Everone knows the hassle of clearing off a workspace and dragging out a heavy sewing machine just to do a 5-minute repair job. Whether it is fixing a seam, quickly taking up the hem of a curtain, or sew a pocket, it takes far longer to get set up than to actually sew. As a solution we introduce you the Smart Tailor. Once you know how to thread the Smart Tailor and operate it, a quick sewing repair should take no time at all.

    Using the Smart Tailor

    The first step in using the Smart Tailor is to load the four AA batteries. The batteries go in the compartment on the bottom. After loading the batteries, the sewer should set up the bobbin and thread the machine.

    Positioning the Bobbin

    To position the thread correctly, you should locate the thread holder on the side. After pulling off the bobbin holder and spring underneath it, slide on the bobbin. 

    Threading the Smart Tailor

    The thread goes from the bobbin through the first thread guide on the needle arm, through the two plates in the tension control, and through the second thread guide at the end of the needle arm. 

    Sewing with the Smart Tailor

    The machine sews from left to right. Hold the fabric with the left hand, giving it some gentle tension, and turn the machine on, using the power switch on the top. The fabric feeds by itself into the machine.

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