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Paws and Ears Cat Ring

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    I don't know about you, but this little cat ring is a staff favorite, and so easy to adjust.You just need to very slowly stretch the paws a little for a perfect fit.This ring is like a little kitty-cat hug that you can savor and never have to let go of. Sometimes, we are so excited to see our kitties that we misjudge their level of excitement and prematurely hug them. We don't know if this has ever happened to you, but our cats have rejected us a couple of times in the past. So, we think this cat ring is the purrfect way to soften the blow. Featuring two little cat ears, this 14K white gold plated ring has the sweetest tiny paws printed on the inside of the band. This unique design paws-itively promises to melt your heart. Even your cats will be relieved that you made this purchase, because it may make you feel less tempted to overwhelm Mr. Whiskers when you rush home to see him. Everyone wins!

    Paws and Ears CatRingIncludes:

    • 1 14K White Gold Plated AdjustableRing

    ACCESSORIES Ring Line.

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